SMT chip processing programming basic steps

- Sep 27, 2019-

SMT chip processing programming basic steps

The main information required for SMT chip processing programming:

1. Basic information of PCB board, length and width of PCB board.

2.mark point basic information, optical mark point coordinate parameters on the PCB

3. PCB board fight information, how much is the PCB board

4. SMT placement location information, including patch bit number, coordinates, angle, etc. The client will provide the corresponding BOM list, tile number drawings, templates, etc.

SMT chip processing programming steps

It is divided into two phases, one is offline preparation work. The second is online debugging. Each factory has different details depending on the model and management mode of the SMT placement machine. I take our company's process as an example.

The offline preparation is as follows:

1. First sort out the BOM list provided by the customer. The programming needs to be done on the computer, so it is best to provide the electronic file. Generally in excel format

2. Extraction of coordinates. According to the three documents provided by the customer:

(1) If the customer sends the coordinates of the exported excel or txt document, then directly use the programming software to merge the coordinates with your compiled BOM list.

(2) The customer sent the PCB file, then you need to export the coordinates yourself. Generally, you can use the protel99 or PADS2007 to export the excel format.

(3) The customer only provides a BOM, which can not provide the coordinates. At this time, the scanner is needed. The PCB is scanned and saved to CAD format, and then the coordinates are combined with the BOM.

3. Check whether there is any omission or relocation after the BOM and coordinate synthesis. If necessary, the engineering department needs to contact the customer to confirm, and save it to the format required by the machine after OK.

  In these three steps, offline programming is almost complete.

Online debugging:

1. Import the programmed program into the smt placement machine.

2. Find the origin and make a mark.

3. Gradually correct the position coordinates.

4. Optimize the save program and check the component orientation and data again.

5. Start the patch and confirm the first piece of the board.

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