SMT chip processing welding process and equipment

- Sep 19, 2019-

SMT chip processing welding process and equipment

SMT chip processing and soldering is the main process technology in surface assembly technology. It is the link to complete the electrical connection of components, which is directly related to the reliability of the product. It is also one of the key factors affecting the straight-through rate of the whole process.

At present, the methods used for SMT patch soldering mainly include reflow soldering and wave soldering. Wave soldering is mainly used in the traditional through-hole insertion process, as well as the mixing process of surface assembly and through-hole components. Surface mount components for wave soldering include rectangular and cylindrical chip components, SOTs, and smaller SOP devices. With the development of ultra-small chip components and multi-pin fine pitch devices, especially the development of BGA devices, wave soldering has been unable to meet the soldering requirements, so the current SMT manufacturing process is mainly reflow soldering.


SMT processing Reflow soldering is a process of melting and agglomerating spherical powdery granules in a region where solder paste is applied by heating, and filling it into a weld by surface adsorption and capillary action to realize a metallurgical connection process. As the PCB mounting method is rapidly changed from the conventional through-hole mounting (THT) method to the surface mounting (SMT) method, the reflow soldering method is rapidly becoming one of the mainstream technologies for automatic soldering of modern electronic equipment (hereinafter referred to as soldering).

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