SMT management smt pipeline how to manage

- Sep 27, 2019-

SMT management smt pipeline how to manage

Management is the planning, organization and control of the daily production activities of the circuit board factory. It is the general term for various management tasks related to product production and an important part of the management of circuit board factories.

1. Production management process organization

(1) The composition of the production process includes the production technology preparation process, the basic production process, the auxiliary production process, and the production service process.

(2) Production process organization The production process requires continuous and parallel production processes (parallel operations at each stage and process), coordination, and rhythm (balance) to ensure economics. The purpose of the production process organization is to arrange production rationally and scientifically, so that manpower and material resources (equipment) are not wasted, labor productivity is increased, production cycle is shortened, costs are reduced, capital occupation is reduced, and plans are completed on schedule, quality and quantity.

2. Production Planning The production planning of the workshop is an important tool for organizing workshops to balance production, complete production tasks, and guide workshop production activities. Its work includes:

(1) Formulate advanced and reasonable quality standards.

(2) Develop a production operation plan within the team and the working place.

(3) Accounting and balancing the internal production capacity of the workshop.

(4) Control of production operation plan, including production scheduling, schedule management, work-in-process management, operation accounting, production operation statistics and analysis.

(5) Propose a plan for the organization of production technology.

3. Workshop Production Control Workshop production control is the supervision, inspection, adjustment, and calibration of the execution of the operation plan in the workshop production process. The main tasks of workshop production control are production scheduling, job accounting and job analysis.

(1) Production scheduling Production scheduling is to inspect, supervise and assist the production input and production progress of each link in the production according to the requirements of the workshop operation plan. Doing a good job of scheduling is the key to completing the shop floor plan. The dispatching work must have a sound system, including the duty system, reporting system, conference system, and on-site dispatching system.

(2) Operational accounting includes the output and input of products and parts (production period and investment period), completion schedule, work tasks completed in each link, utilization rate of production workers and equipment, etc.

(3) Operation analysis The operation analysis is the work after the requirements, records and accounting of production control, summarizes and analyzes the completion of the indicators, and provides information feedback as the basis for production activities and scheduling.

4. The application of group technology Group technology, also called group technology (GT), is a method based on the principle of similarity to rationally organize production technology preparation and product production process. Group technology is all parts of the workshop, according to geometry (axis, disk, box, gear, etc.), size, processing method (car, milling, planing, grinding, clamp, etc.), accuracy requirements (ordinary, precise, high Classification systems such as fine), blank types (rods, plates, tubes, castings, forgings, etc.) are used to classify and encode parts and to divide parts into sets for production and organization. The production organization of group technology is:

(1) Group process center Organize some structurally similar parts to be processed uniformly on a certain equipment.

(2) Group production units Organize one or several sets of similarly-processed parts to carry out uniform process routing and layout equipment.

(3) Grouping lines The grouping lines are sequential processing of group production units with flow production characteristics, and the processing time of each process is equal to the flow tempo, which is used for batch production.

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