SMT patch processing data common problem points

- Sep 27, 2019-

SMT patch processing data common problem points

    The common problems of SMT chip processing data lead to the inability to process the chip or the high defect rate of the chip processing. The following SMT chip processing experience by Shenzhen Aoyuxin Technology Co., Ltd. is summarized as follows:

1. There are no mark points and process edges on the PCB. It will cause the PCB to be stuck on the side of the track of the SMT placement machine. The absence of a mark point results in a small correction accuracy for the position of the PCB board.

2. The chip components do not correspond to the chip pads on the PCB. For example, the patch pad pitch is too wide and too narrow to match the patch component.

3. There are vias on the chip pads.

4. Components with sub-directional directions are not clearly marked.

5. The tile position number or the screen number of the PCB board is not clear. For example, if the bit number is marked in the middle, it cannot be confirmed which bit the bit number points to.

6. The BOM of the same location conflicts with the bit number of the tile map.

7. If the chip resistor precision is 1%, please clearly mark it in the BOM. If not marked, the default is 5%.

8. SMT chip components are required to provide 3-5% of spare parts for mass production. In the proofing and small batch production, you need to provide sufficient spare parts. Otherwise, it will not be cleared, and it will be shipped empty.

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