SMT patch processing factory quality control first piece operation process

- Sep 28, 2019-

SMT patch processing factory quality control first piece operation process

1. The SMT patch processing factory needs to check the product first when the product is officially mass-produced, replaced, model changed, and program optimized.

2. After the first production, the quality control personnel determine the model name according to the production program name and production plan, and take the BOM (drawing. template) of the corresponding model.

3. First check the template with the template, first confirm the polarity of the polar parts, and then confirm the SMT patch and the parts specifications with reference to the BOM. (Check against the BOM&sample for parts with Marking. Polarity;

If there is any inconsistency with the BOM or the MARK on the sample board, you need to confirm the material number/physical object on the line to prevent the wrong material. The capacitor can be clamped directly on the PCB for the capacitance meter; the 0402 type resistor without Marking is available. The scorpion removes the part and puts it on a piece of white paper and measures it with a multimeter. After it is measured, it is put back in place. )

4. According to the "SMT SMT Processing Inspection Standard", the SMT chip processing status is checked to see if there are any adverse phenomena such as extreme reverse and offset.

5. After the first inspection is completed, the “First Qualified Label” is filled out, signed by the quality control foreman and then handed over to the production foreman for signing, and placed at the general inspection department of the production line as a sample for mass production.

6. When the first piece of inspection is a non-conforming product, the first piece will be returned to the production line, and the "Quality Abnormal Order" will be issued to require the relevant responsible units to improve. For the defective products produced during the first inspection, the "Unqualified Label" is required to be produced. This defective product was reworked.

7. OQC confirms that the improvement measures are correct and can perform the first inspection again, repeating 1~5, and tracking the defective products produced during the first inspection.

8. OQC records the first inspection status in the OQC First Checklist.

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