Smt patch processing procedures

- Sep 27, 2019-

Smt patch processing procedures

There must be no food or drink in the work area, no smoking, no work-related debris, and clean and tidy.

The surface soldered on the smt patch cannot be picked up by hand or fingers, because the amount of oil in the hand is reduced, and soldering defects are easily generated.

Minimize operating steps and components to prevent hazards. Dirty gloves can cause contamination in the assembly area where gloves must be used, and gloves need to be replaced as needed.

Do not use skin care products or silicone-containing skin care products as this can cause problems with the adhesion and adhesion of the finished paint. A special formulation for welding surfaces is available.

Parts and products that are sensitive to the product must be marked with appropriate/marking to avoid confusion with other parts. Smt production line placement: Its role is to accurately mount surface-mounted components to a fixed position on the PCB. The equipment used is a placement machine located behind the screen printing machine in the SMT production line. In addition, in order to prevent and prevent re-slice processing of sensitive components, all operations, assembly and testing must be performed on a device capable of controlling static electricity.

Check the transfer/transfer regularly to make sure they are functional (). Due to the incorrect grounding method or the presence of oxides in the grounding joint, various hazards to the /sub-components may occur, so the joints of the third grounding end shall be specially protected.

It is strictly forbidden to pile up like a mountain, causing physical damage. There should be a special type of bracket on the mounting surface, placed separately by model.

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