SMT patch processing rework basic concept

- Sep 28, 2019-

SMT patch processing rework basic concept

      First, in the SMT patch processing plant, repair is an inevitable process.

The SMT SMT manufacturing process has been working to meet high assembly pass rates, but 100% pass-through is still an elusive goal in the SMT processing industry. Regardless of the perfect SMT process, there are always some uncontrollable factors in SMT chip manufacturing that produce defective products. SMT chip processing must have a certain estimate of the scrap rate, and can be repaired to compensate for some problems in the assembly process.

Second, what is the SMT patch rework

SMT patch rework is usually done to remove SMT components that have lost their function, damaged leads or misaligned, and replaced with new SMT components. Or to restore unqualified circuit components to qualified circuit components that are consistent with specific requirements.

Third, SMT repair is a technical activity

In order to complete the SMT rework, a safe and effective SMT rework method and appropriate tools must be used. The so-called safety refers to the device that does not damage the reworked part and the adjacent device, and also means that there is no harm to the operator. Therefore, the operator must be trained in technical and safety aspects before the repair operation. It is customary for SMT rework to be repaired as a manual process mastered by the operator. In fact, highly skilled maintenance personnel must also rely on the rework tool to make the repaired SMA product completely satisfactory. However, in order to meet the requirements of smaller, lighter and cheaper electronic devices, electronic products are increasingly using precision assembled micro components such as flip chip, BGA and the like. New packaging devices place higher demands on the assembly process, and the requirements for the rework process are also increasing. At this time, manual rework can no longer meet this new requirement. Therefore, it is more important to pay attention to the correct rework techniques, methods and rework tools.

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