Smt placement machine operation mechanic management

- Sep 27, 2019-

Smt placement machine operation mechanic management

In the SMT chip processing production line, you will often encounter the "technical talent" who is proud of the technology, one meter of the cow X. Everyone who encounters such a person will worry about their future. In fact, this group of people will usually be regarded as stupid and big in the eyes of the administrator, which is not conducive to stability and unity, restrictive use, and thus will be crucified. Technical posts.

The personal point of view is that technology and management must complement each other, but in terms of the domestic SMT patch processing industry environment, management is definitely faster than doing technology!

SMT patch technology with a certain technical foundation can choose whether to turn to management according to their own situation; SMT managers without technical foundation must have a comprehensive and specific understanding of the SMT technology foundation, in order to make efficient and correct decisions. .

The SMT patch technicians who are fascinated with technology are best to concentrate on the technical route and are suitable for people who want to live a simple life. However, in the SMT patch industry, this is likely to be a non-return and limited prospects. Either take a multi-meter for a lifetime; or once the management is promoted for management due to "techniques and merits", or if you want to start a second business, you will face a lot of trouble, your eyes will be black, your hands will be out Khan, messed up the team or his own company.

SMT patch processing practitioners who hope to see more landscapes and have comprehensive development concepts and desires should do their own improvement as soon as possible and turn to the management route. Management is a complex science, very much training your interpersonal skills, organizational skills, resilience, decision-making ability, etc... etc. These are a lot of help for your current work or future development.

Standing tall, you can look far, this is the advantage of management; buried head maintenance repair machine tuning line programming, will miss too much scenery.

A SMT patch technology that has been done for more than 5 years, if you still look down on the management staff and feel that they don't understand anything, then this big cow will be finished in this life.

Of course, the above views are limited to the domestic SMT industry application technology. As for the front-end SMT patch development technology support, it is completely different, it is another matter!

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