SMT processing component of solder paste printing of manual testing

- Jun 17, 2016-

SMT processing component of solder paste

printing of manual testing

SMT chip processing using Visual detection approaches to the identification of print elements qualified and unqualified, is usually the operator uses the ring as Hades or microscope to check the sample plates (in some cases, the identification of the whole Board), and only when necessary, and proofing operations. This is the cheapest way of monitoring technology, however, the responses, the results were pass rate is very low. Visual inspection of the printed, after the reasonable cost of printing technology used in proofing actions, SMT processing can reduce the rework quantities. However, Visual inspection only on one-sided understanding, to test the Visual inspection of the goods indicated as long as 80% is reliable. With the Visual inspection of the instrument, that is; the desktop. With this instrument measurement of solder paste height, accounting application of solder paste, SMT chip processing improves the reproducibility, but not completely eliminate man-made non-conformance. At present, there are still many manufacturers choose a visual approach to detection.

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