SMT processing-double sided mixed technology

- Jun 17, 2016-

SMT processing-double sided mixed technology

1) incoming inspection-PCB b pastry SMD-SMD-solidation---PCB a plug-in-wave soldering-clean-check-rework

First posted back, more than discrete components for SMD components

2) side of the receiving material inspection,-PCB solder paste screen printing-SMD-drying-reflow-soldering-plugin, pin bending-b-point adhesive flap-PCB-SMD-soldering-curing-plate-clean-check-rework

A mixed, b side mount.

3) incoming inspection-PCB b pasta patch--> patch-solidation-flap-PCB a solder paste screen printing-SMD-A reflow soldering wave soldering-clean-check-plugin-b surface-repair

A mixed, b side mount. First posted two SMD, reflow soldering and cartridge, wave solder

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