Summary of main laws, regulations and policies of PCB industry

- Apr 28, 2020-

Summary of main laws, regulations and policies of PCB industry


1. Industry authorities and regulatory system


The Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China is the competent department of printed circuit board industry. Its main responsibilities include formulating and organizing the implementation of industrial plans, plans and industrial policies for the industry and communication industry, putting forward policy suggestions for optimizing the industrial layout and structure, drafting relevant laws and regulations, formulating rules, formulating industrial technical specifications and standards, organizing the implementation, and guiding the industry quality management Do. The electronic information department under the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China undertakes the industry management of electronic information product manufacturing; organizes and coordinates the development and production of major system equipment, microelectronics and other basic products, organizes and coordinates the localization of supporting equipment, components, instruments and materials required for major national engineering projects; promotes the promotion and application of electronic information technology.


China Printed Circuit Industry Association (CPCA) is a national first-class industry association under the leadership of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China and approved by the Ministry of civil affairs, which has independent legal personality. It is also affiliated with IPC of the United States, JPCA of Japan, EIPC of Europe, KPCA of South Korea, IPCA of India, HKPCA of Xianggang of China, TPCA of Taipei of China is WECC of the world electronic circuit Council The main members of the company are mainly responsible for organizing the enterprises in the industry to participate in the formulation of CPCA standards and WECC standards, and making joint standards with IPC and JPCA; participating in the formulation of Customs terms and unit consumption; editing and publishing printed circuit information newspapers, magazines, professional books and websites; hosting the spring and Autumn International every year PCB information / Technology Forum; carry out staff skills training and various lectures; conduct industry survey and publish "China top 100 electronic circuit enterprises ranking list" every year.


2. Major laws, regulations and policies of the industry


PCB is an essential basic component of modern electronic equipment and an important part of all kinds of electronic products. It plays a key role in the chain of electronic information industry. The electronic information industry is a strategic, basic and leading pillar industry of the national economy, which has ten advantages for the development of the national economy and national security

Therefore, our government and industry authorities have launched a series of industrial policies to support and encourage PCB industry

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