The interpretation of the necessary reliability cleaning of Automotive Electronic Circuit Boards

- Apr 27, 2020-

The interpretation of the necessary reliability cleaning of Automotive Electronic Circuit Boards          customers often do not understand why automotive electronic circuit boards need reliability cleaning, in order to achieve various functions of the various types of electronic circuit boards, which needs cleaning? What doesn't need to be cleaned? It is also difficult to distinguish and judge, this paper is aimed at automotive electronic circuit board on the necessary reliability cleaning analysis, hope to help customers and readers. In order to realize the control of the vehicle and the functions of the clock, various types of electronic circuit boards are used to realize various control functions: the engine running management system or the engine running computer ECU, the new energy vehicle has more circuit boards, the average vehicle 1.5 square meters of Circuit Board area, as many as 100 pieces of electronic circuit board. These various types of electronic circuit boards for the realization of various functions. 


   Which ones need cleaning? What doesn't need to be cleaned? The cleaning and non-cleaning of the control panel of various functions of the automobile electronics are often distinguished from the close degree of the driver's personal safety, the human and property safety of the driving scene, and the functional control related to the automobile driving safety and the personal safety of the third party, it needs to be cleaned to meet the technical requirements for high reliability, such as in the Ecu Circuit Board of the engine running management system, the BMS circuit board of the new energy vehicle and so on. The car also has other management systems, lighting control systems, navigation, music and entertainment systems, window and door controls and glass lifts, seat functions and other ancillary functions, because these systems and human life safety density is not too big, often this kind of electronic circuit board can be made without washing, thus reducing the cost to meet the performance requirements. The process of Cleaning Circuit Board in the process of Operation Computer Ecu and New Energy Vehicle BMS power management system, cleaning the residue of Circuit Board surface, removing flux, solder paste residue and other pollutants in the process, the surface of PCB is clean, and the ionic contamination is used as the index to measure the surface cleanliness. 


This is the technical index to ensure the reliability. The invention can greatly improve the safety and reliability of the circuit board component products, and avoid the unnecessary risk caused by the defects caused by the electrochemical corrosion and electromigration of the circuit board caused by the poor working conditions, high humidity and temperature. To sum up, all the components closely related to the safety of life, driving safety, must do reliability cleaning, at present, it is recommended to use environmentally safe water-based cleaning process.

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