The output value of the global PCB market in 2018 reached US $ 69.1 billion, a record high

- Dec 12, 2019-

The output value of the global PCB market in 2018 reached US $ 69.1 billion, a record high

Summary of content: Recently, PCB stocks such as Taiwan Yao (6274) and Nandian have their own themes, and they are in the peak season. In order to meet the 5G high-speed transmission requirements, the copper foil substrate needs to be upgraded from low-loss to ultra-low-loss, and will be used in the base station and mobile phone fields. The market size is expected to reach 4 billion US dollars in 2025. Under the continuous fermentation of the subject matter, on the 12th, Tai Yao s explosive volume climbed to an upper limit of 152 yuan to close. Lianmao also pulled out a long red and hit a record high of 170.5 yuan (NT $, the same below).


In terms of ABF, new applications such as 5G, AI, and graphics processors have driven the demand for high-end materials, and the shortage of goods has continued. The market is optimistic about the future operating performance of suppliers such as Nandian and Xinxing. Potential heating. Other PCB stocks such as Jianding, Xinyangke, Taijun, Yaohua, Huatong, Zhending-KY, etc. may have profitable contributions from wearable devices, or have the opportunity for 5G deployment to support the company's medium and long-term outlook. Favored by buying.


According to industry insiders, the global PCB market size has steadily increased. In 2018, the global circuit board industry continued the growth trend of 2017. Although the growth rate fell to 6.3%, the output value reached US $ 69.1 billion, which once again hit a record high.

After the consolidation period from 2015 to 2016, the growth momentum returned to 2017 and 2018. In addition to the substrate upgrades driven by new applications, shipments of personal computers (PCs) slowed down, IC carrier boards and wireless bluetooth Bud headphones have grown significantly, all contributing to the main contribution.

On the whole, the global PCB market's overall output value is stable, the market supply and demand remain balanced, and the supply and demand of raw materials have eased, and the average price has weakened, which has improved the cost structure of related manufacturers. In addition, 5G commercialization and the penetration of new materials will gradually increase Conducive to the future operation of the PCB factory.

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