TPCA Show 2019 fully showcases circuit board manufacturing trend solutions towards the 5G era

- Dec 02, 2019-

TPCA Show 2019 fully showcases circuit board manufacturing trend solutions towards the 5G era

The 20th Taiwan Circuit Board Industry International Exhibition (TPCA Show 2019) will be grandly held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from October 23 to 25. This year's exhibition will focus on "5G NEXT's comprehensive circuit board process solution". It is mainly to appeal that no matter whether it is facing the new generation needs of 5G or future 6G, a comprehensive and complete circuit board process solution can be found in the TPCA Show. It is specifically classified for the 13 manufacturing trends and technical priorities that the industry pays attention to, including : AP, SAP, mSAP, SMT, INFO, thick copper, thin wire, small holes, high-level numbers, high aspect ratio, high-frequency and high-speed materials, intelligent automation / software / standards, etc., invited 420 domestic and overseas PCB industry brands At the exhibition hall, the exhibition density was 1,432 display booths. Among them, in response to the current smart exhibition trend, the organizer has also comprehensively constructed a smart search system so that all buyers and manufacturers of the circuit board industry can quickly and accurately find solutions and units through handheld devices.

5G will comprehensively improve the speed, stability and reliability of the network, and realize the realm of interaction between personal terminals and everything. The high frequency required for 5G technology brings challenges to the PCB manufacturing process. As Taiwan is the most competitive PCB production base in the world, the industrial chain covers a fairly complete area, and we hope to explore more business opportunities from it. In addition to the 5G circuit board process exhibition solutions and manufacturing-related supporting facilities, this year's exhibition site will host 5G topic new product presentations for three days, presenting the latest 5G technology trends and advanced materials. In addition, there are also PCB bookstores selling the most professional process books. A full set of PCB kits can be launched for a limited time to buy PCB-related professional books at one time. There is also a lucky turn event in the three-day exhibition hall, which has the opportunity to bring back BOSE speakers, Air Pods, etc A number of good gifts for visitors to participate together; In addition, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the TPCA Show, the organizer also specially cooperated with the well-known brand Haagen-Dazs. The exhibition will invite the audience to enjoy delicious ice products for a limited time during the three days of the exhibition. Celebrate Taiwan's Circuit Board Industry Exhibition at the age of 20!

The 14th International Assembly and Circuit Board Symposium (IMPACT-IAAC), which is held concurrently with the exhibition, is a joint effort by IEEE EPS-Taipei, iMAPS-Taiwan, ITRI and TPCA to create the world's most professional electronic assembly and circuit. Board seminar, this year's theme is "IMPACT-IAAC on 5G-Evolution & Revolution". The main focus is on the development of forward-looking technologies for 5G next-generation materials, packaging and circuit boards, including the industry's most compact heterogeneous integration, embedded substrates, Form Factor, etc. Popular topics, from the perspective of materials, board factories, packaging, terminals and other aspects of 5G analysis, a total of more than 200 papers published and keynote speeches, it is estimated to attract more than 600 domestic and foreign industry, government, academics and academics to participate. In the keynote speech, six industry experts including Dr. Deng Qingyun, SONY, TSMC, E Ink, International Electronics Manufacturers Alliance iNemi, and research organization Techsearch were invited to bring brilliant content. The Market Trend Forum also invited Experts from global authoritative research institutes Prismark, NTInformation, Yole, and TechSearch have gathered decades of skills and foresee the trend of the trend after the beginning of the 5G era. The annual international electronics assembly and circuit board annual assembly teacher is definitely not to be missed.

In addition to IMPACT, there are also many rich forum conferences during the exhibition. On the first day, the chairman of TPCA Li Changming and the industry leader Zhen Ding and Shen Qingfang will collaborate with cross-border elites to hold a PCB industry summit and talk about PCB giant technology. The Smart Manufacturing Forum will be held separately. Enter from two perspectives of the flexible board factory and the equipment manufacturer, and share the way of PCB entering the industrial 3.5; TPCA has actively promoted industrial safety standards in recent years. The PCB safety standard verification initial briefing session and safety lecture will explain the verification mechanism according to the standard content. The industry is invited to join the ranks to create a safe field; 10/25, ZTE University connects industry, university and research experts to propose solutions to the latest metallization process technology and development trends.

TPCA Show 2019 provides a platform for communication and sharing between circuit board manufacturers and upstream and downstream manufacturers. How to improve the technical integration of circuit board manufacturers and overcome traditional limitations will also be a highlight of the exhibition. Rich and diverse exhibition activities are an annual event that must not be missed. From October 23rd to 25th, the global PCB industry elites are welcome to visit the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall and participate in industry events together.

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