Types of electrical connectors-Posts-circuit board pcb

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Types of electrical connectors-Posts-circuit

board pcb


Main article: Binding post
A binding post (red and black) adaptor.

A general type of connector that simply screws or clamps bare wire to a post; such connectors are frequently used in electronic test equipment and audio. Many, but not all binding posts will also accept a banana connector plug.

Crimp-on connectors

Main article: Crimp connection

A type of solderless connection.

Insulation displacement connectors

Main article: Insulation-displacement connector

Since stripping the insulation from wires is time-consuming, many connectors intended for rapid assembly use insulation-displacement connectors so that insulation need not be removed from the wire. These generally take the form of a fork-shaped opening in the terminal, into which the insulated wire is pressed and which cut through the insulation to contact the conductor within. To make these connections reliably on a production line, special tools are used which accurately control the forces applied during assembly. If properly assembled, the resulting terminations are gas-tight and will last the life of the product. A common example is the multi-conductor flat ribbon cable used in computer disk drives; to terminate each of the many (approximately 40) wires individually would be slow and error-prone, but an insulation displacement connector can terminate all the wires in (literally) one stroke. Another very common use is so-called punch-down blocks used for terminating telephone wiring.

Insulation displacement connectors are usually used with small conductors for signal purposes and at low voltage. Power conductors carrying more than a few amperes are more reliably terminated with other means, though "hot tap" press-on connectors find some use in automotive applications for additions to existing wiring.

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