Wave Soldering-Cleaning-Finish and quality-circuit board pcb

- Jan 12, 2017-

Wave Soldering-Cleaning-Finish and

quality-circuit board pcb


Some types of flux, called "no-clean" fluxes, do not require cleaning; their residues are benign after the soldering process. Typically no-clean fluxes are especially sensitive to process conditions, which may make them undesirable in some applications. Other kinds of flux, however, require a cleaning stage, in which the PCB is washed with solvents and/or deionized water to remove flux residue.

Finish and quality

Quality depends on proper temperatures when heating and on properly treated surfaces.

DefectPossible causesEffects
CracksMechanical StressLoss of Conductivity
CavitiesContaminated surface

Lack of flux
Insufficient preheating

Reduction in strength

Poor conductivity

Wrong solder thicknessWrong solder temperature

Wrong conveyor speed

Susceptible to stress

Too thin for current load
Undesired bridging between paths

Poor ConductorContaminated solderProduct Failures

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