What are the daily concerns of PCBA processing?

- Sep 27, 2019-

What are the daily concerns of PCBA processing?

    1. The solder paste taken from the cold storage area must first be warmed at room temperature. The purpose is to let the temperature of the refrigerated solder paste return to normal temperature for printing. If the temperature is not returned, it is easy to produce tin beads during PCBA processing;

    2. The quality policy is: comprehensive quality control, follow the process, and ensure the quality required by the supply customers; everyone participates, processes efficiently, and pursues zero defects;

    3. The composition of solder paste includes: metal powder, anti-sagging agent, flux, solvent, active agent; according to the composition, metal powder accounts for 85-92%, metal powder accounts for 50% by volume; The composition is tin and lead, accounting for 63%, 37%, respectively, and the melting point is 183 ° C;

    4. The form of machine file supply includes: preparatory form, priority communication form, communication form and quick connection form;

    5. PCB positioning methods for SMT chip processing include: vacuum positioning, mechanical hole positioning, positioning of both sides and edge positioning;

    6. The screen printing is a resistance of 272, the resistance is 2700Ω, and the screen printing of the resistance of 4.8MΩ is 485;

What are the daily concerns of PCBA processing? Do you know now? I hope this article can help those in need, if you have PCBA processing related needs, please contact us.

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