What are the rules for PCB light board wiring?

- Sep 18, 2019-

What are the rules for PCB light board wiring?

Pcb board wiring is one of the important functions that can not be operated. Pcb wiring is to lay out printed conductors according to the electrical schematic diagram and wire table and the required wire width and spacing. The wiring should generally follow the following rules:

1. Under the premise of meeting the requirements of use, the order of selecting the wiring method is single layer → one layer → multi-layer, that is, the wiring can be simplified.

2. The signal on the same layer of the Pcb board changes direction with a diagonal or smooth transition, and the radius of curvature is better, avoiding electric field concentration, signal reflection and additional impedance.

3. The wiring between the two connection pads is as short as possible, and sensitive signals and small signals are taken first. To reduce the delay and interference of small signals. The grounding wire shield should be placed next to the input line of the analog circuit; the layout of the same layer of wires should be evenly distributed. The conductive area on each wire should be relatively balanced to prevent the board from warping.

4. The digital circuit and the analog circuit should be separated on the wiring to avoid mutual interference.

5. When the circuit components on the Pcba board are grounded and connected to the power supply, the wiring should be as short as possible and as close as possible to reduce the internal resistance of the pcb board.

6. The I/O lines of multiple I/O lines and differential amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, etc. of high-speed circuits should be equal. To avoid unnecessary delays or phase shifts.

7. The traces of each layer on the multilayer board should be perpendicular to each other to reduce coupling, and avoid alignment or balance of the upper and lower traces.

8. When the pad is connected to the conductive area of the large and small area, it should be thermally insulated by a thin wire with a length of not less than 0.5mm. The width of the thin wire is not less than 0.13mm.

9. The wire closest to the edge of the printed circuit board should be larger than 5 mm from the edge of the printed circuit board. The ground wire can be close to the edge of the board when needed. If the rail is to be inserted during the processing of the printed circuit board, the edge of the wire from the board is at least greater than the depth of the rail groove.

The above are some rules about how pcb is wired by Peng Zexiang. hoping it is helpful to you

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