What is patch processing and its advantages and process composition

- Sep 27, 2019-

What is patch processing and its advantages and process composition

Nowadays, all kinds of electronic products are pursuing miniaturization. The past perforated components can no longer meet the requirements of the current process. Therefore, SMT chip processing technology has emerged. The SMT chip processing technology can accurately and firmly control various small and precise electronic components. Sticking to the circuit board, it not only realizes the complete function of the product but also makes the product compact and compact. It is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. So what is SMT chip processing?

Electronic products are realized by adding various electronic components such as capacitors and resistors on the PCB to realize different functions. For these components to be firmly mounted on the PCB, various SMT chip processing is required. Process to process and assemble.

SMT chip processing is a kind of leadless or short lead surface assembly components, referred to as SMC or SMD, Chinese called chip components, mounted on the surface of printed circuit boards or other substrates, by reflow or Dipping welding and other methods to solder assembly circuit assembly technology.

SMT basic process components are solder paste printing - parts placement - reflow soldering - AOI optical inspection - maintenance - sub-board.

The advantages of SMT chip processing enable the assembly of electronic products, high reliability, miniaturization, low cost, and automation of production.

About what is SMT chip processing, it is introduced here today. The emergence of SMT chip processing technology provides technical support for mass production of enterprise products, saving manpower and material resources, effectively reducing production costs and improving production efficiency for enterprises. Bring more benefits.

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