What is the cause of PCBA solder pin cracking?

- Sep 28, 2019-

What is the cause of PCBA solder pin cracking?

As the assembly density of electronic products is getting higher and higher, the process requirements for PCBA assembly are becoming higher and higher. In the PCBA welding process, the occurrence of bad imagination has also begun to increase. Among them, tin cracking is a common defect of PCBA. .

PCBA pin cracking

The cracking of the pins during the PCBA soldering process is mainly caused by the following reasons.

1. The joint is cracked due to the impact of external force.

2. During the post-PCBA welding process, the shearing pliers are not sharp, and the pulling phenomenon occurs when the feet are cut, resulting in cracks in the component legs and tin spots.

3. Due to less tin, the welding strength of the welded joint is not enough, resulting in easy cracking.

The cracking of the tin produced by the PCBA welding process is also closely related to the quality of the welding material. The poor quality will also affect the firmness of the welding. Under the influence of the external force, cracking is likely to occur.

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