What is the development trend of SMT patch production line?

- Sep 27, 2019-

What is the development trend of SMT patch production line?

In the evolution of the SMT patch industry, the development trend of the SMT production line is undoubtedly a crucial part. What is the development trend of the SMT chip production line?

 1. SMT patch production line is developing towards “green” environmental protection

The Earth that people live today has been damaged to varying degrees. The SM T production line, which is dominated by SMT equipment, is part of industrial production and will inevitably destroy our living environment. From the packaging materials of electronic components, glue, welders, fluxes and other SMT process materials, to the production process of SMT production lines, there is such pollution in the environment. The more SMT production lines and the larger the scale, the pollution The more serious it is, therefore, the concept that the latest SMT production line is developing a green production line toward the green production line means that environmental protection requirements should be considered from the very beginning of SMT production, and the pollution sources and pollution that will occur in SMT production are analyzed. degree.

2. SMT patch production line develops in an efficient way towards the connection line

High production efficiency has always been the goal pursued by people. The production efficiency of SMT production line is reflected in the productivity efficiency and control efficiency of the tearing production line. The production capacity is the comprehensive production capacity of various equipments on the SMT production line. It comes from the reasonable configuration. The SM-making production line has developed from the single-line production to the two-way connection production, and the production is reduced while reducing the floor space. effectiveness. The control efficiency includes conversion and process control optimization and management optimization. The control mode has been developed from the step-by-step control mode to the centralized online optimization control, and the conversion time of the production boards is getting shorter and shorter.

3. SMT patch production line is developing towards a flexible production environment for information integration

With the development of information technology and Internet information technology, the product data management and process information control of SMT production line will be gradually improved, the maintenance management of production line will realize digital informationization, and the new SMT production line will be oriented towards the flexible production environment of information integration. development of.

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