What is the reliability design of printed circuit boards?

- Aug 19, 2018-

What is the reliability design of printed circuit boards?

The most important thing about SMT SMD board products is the reliability of the products. Reliability is the basis of SMT processing. Reliability is an important indicator of circuit board products. In the past, reliability was neglected. When the car is driving, the mutual transmission between the circuit board wires, the heat energy increases. If the product does not consider safety, the circuit board has a car accident caused by the failure during the operation, then the problem comes. Is the board's reliability setting important?

The answer is yes, the purpose of reliability design is to achieve the required reliability with the least cost.

Reliability is an important indicator of electronic products. The reliability of products not only affects the future of smt chip processing and production companies, but also directly affects the value of products. Especially for military communication equipment, it is of even more important significance.

The reliability design of printed circuit boards is very complicated. The reliability design has many contents, such as thermal design, drift design, anti-interference design, protection circuit design (anti-vibration design, three-proof design), SMT process design, safety design, Human-machine system design, reliability review and value analysis, reliability testing and reliability identification.

Therefore, for high-end electronic products, for the sake of safety and product value, it is necessary for SMT board manufacturers to design reliability for the board.

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