What products are processed by Shenzhen SMT SMT Processing Factory?

- Sep 27, 2019-

What products are processed by Shenzhen SMT SMT Processing Factory?

Shenzhen smt patch processing factory a lot, generally provide smt patch processing, dip plug-in after welding, electronic product assembly processing, specific processing of what products,

Peng Zexiang Technology has a total of 15 SMT placement machines with SMT placement machines. The placement machines are Panasonic NPM-D3, MSR high-speed placement machines and BM221, 2060 multi-function placement machines, etc., 4 automatic printing Machine (including board machine), 1 lead-free reflow soldering, 1 lead reflow soldering, 1 red glue process reflow soldering, 5 AOI optical detectors, 1 BGA rework station, actual patch Nissan points at 800 More than 10,000 points. In the back section of our company, there is one lead wave soldering, one lead-free wave soldering; two manual plug-in lines, the number of daily plug-ins is more than 1 million; the automatic soldering machine is 6 sets, and the daily soldering points are above 400,000 points. .

Processing products include: processing of electronic products, SMT processing, such as mobile phone board, car detection equipment, B-computer, set-top box, router, network player, driving recorder, PLC, display controller, spectrum analyzer , hairdressing and other products, processing range includes patch, plug-in, post-welding, testing, assembly, maintenance.

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