What should be done before PCBA development?

- Sep 17, 2019-

What should be done before PCBA development?

1 First is the feasibility assessment:

Product planning According to the market and customer survey results, preliminary confirmation of product definitions and requirements, submitted to the "XX Product Planning Book", the content should include market demand analysis, target customers, product function and appearance definition, quality standards.

Product planning convening projects, research and development departments of relevant departments at or above the level of feasibility analysis meetings. Discuss the conceptual feasibility of the product, industrial design feasibility, technical feasibility, production feasibility, cost feasibility, resource feasibility, and conference output "XXX Feasibility Assessment Report" (feasibility assessment is not required for all project development) Generally, when new platforms, new technologies are introduced, or resources are insufficient, or there are other technical, testing, and management risks, if the product feasibility analysis meeting is not arranged, the product needs to be submitted to the project department. Identify the product's features, configuration, appearance and quality requirements, features and selling points.)

2 project project:

In the case where there is no problem with the product feasibility, the project clearly defines the Product Configuration Table according to the contents of the Product Definition Book.

The project convened R&D departments, quality, products, and business development project meetings to discuss the specific implementation plans and precautions of the Product Configuration Table. After the discussion, the project manager arranged the division of responsibilities among the departments to clarify the tasks and completion time in the project process. After the project project is over, the project manager will issue the meeting minutes and update the Product Configuration Table V1.0.

3. Design development and verification:

In the design and development phase, multiple departments are cross-parallel, and there are mutual constraints. The specific process refers to the descriptions of the following departments and the final flow chart relationship. For the whole project, it must be tested according to T0 engineering prototype, T1 small batch trial production and test review, T2 batch trial production and test review and final mass production stage.

Development first step: Product department task

After the project project task is released, the product department requires the output of 2D wireframe, ID drawing

Baseband mission

According to the "Baseband Development Process" specification, the baseband group designs the circuit according to the "Project Configuration Table", arranges the review, and outputs the design result. At the same time, arrange the necessary accessories for the project, such as LCD, camera proofing. The required design output is "XXX circuit original road diagram", "XXX circuit evaluation report", "XXX software and hardware interface", "XXX electronic BOM", "XXXLCD sample drawing", "XXX Camera sample drawing", "XXX accessory interface definition" The product debugging phase requires the output of the "XXX Baseband Test Report" and "XXX Electronic ECN". PCBA and LCD, Camera seals are arranged as needed before mass production.

Structural task

According to the “Structural Development Process”, the structure department completes the stack design and review of the project according to the 2D wireframe and the project configuration table provided by the product. The engineering, baseband, RF and other related departments support it. If it is a complete machine project, after the stack is completed, further structural design and review of the whole machine will be carried out to follow up the development of abrasive tools. The output document of the structure department is "XXX2D board diagram", "XXX stacking", "XXX stacking evaluation report", "XXX machine design guide", "XXX imposition process drawing", "structural part process drawing file". The whole project requires "XXX MD file", "XXX MD review report", "XXX structure BOM" and 3D map. The structural drawing of the structural parts of the mold opening and proofing of each component. During the commissioning phase, the structure needs to modify the structural design or follow-up of the grinding tool modification according to the quality requirements of the company or the customer, and has reached the state of passing all the test items of the whole machine. Finally, arrange the BOM update and device package and give the file archive or issue.

Engineering task

According to the "Engineering Group Development Process", the engineering team completed the layout design and completed the 3D stack design according to the 2D board diagram provided by the structure and the circuit diagram provided by the baseband. The layout design and Cam design are completed after the stack is confirmed. The design documents required by the engineering team are “XXX .PCB” documents and upgrade instructions “XXX GERBER”, “XXX Board File”, “XXX SMT File”, “XXX layout Review Report” and “XXXX Test Point Location”. Assist in completing the design guidelines for the whole machine. The commissioning phase is responsible for handling PCBA and machine ESD issues, and pilot assistance.

RF mission

According to the RF Department Development Process, the RF group confirms the RF solution according to the Product Configuration Table and assists the baseband to complete the circuit design and check. Design output "XXX RF audio layout evaluation report" "XXX antenna evaluation report" "RF, audio parameter file". During the debugging phase, the PCBA RF and audio performance are mainly debugged and tested. The whole project needs to debug the antenna and audio effects, and the main negative CTA or FTA and other related certification work. Design and output "XXX RF Test Report" "XXX Audio Test Report" "XXX OTA Test Report".

The software department technical support department has little relationship with the stacking. The pilot department task: the pilot part is composed of three components, namely software test, PCBA test, and complete machine test (including accessory test). The following sections explain the work content in three parts.

Design changes

During the design verification process, there will be cases where the design does not meet the test criteria or does not meet the customer's needs. The design changes need to be corrected to achieve the design goal. Design changes must be verified by testing to be issued. The issuance of design changes needs to be sent in the form of a formal written document and submitted to the relevant department.

Mass production

PCBA or the whole machine will be debugged and tested after each trial production. The project manager organizes the project team to conduct a trial production summary, focusing on the problems encountered during the production and testing process, as well as the solutions and time of each problem point. If the project summary has no problems with production and testing or the remaining problems are small, the assessment risk is very low, you can sign the mass production assessment report and agree to mass production. Otherwise, it should be revised to continue the trial production evaluation. The whole machine must be verified by the stage from T0 to the middle batch to be introduced into mass production. In principle, a small batch of at least 100, no more than 200, a medium batch of at least 500, no more than 1K. Arrange the seals of all relevant devices before mass production.

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