Which PCB factory is better?

- Sep 17, 2019-

Which PCB factory is better?

Business answer

Shenzhen Pengzexiang Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. It has many years old brands. The product types are single-sided, double-sided FR-4, aluminum substrate and multi-layer board. The annual output is various precision single, double-sided and multi-layer. Printed circuit board 50,000 square meters, products are widely used in communications equipment, lighting, computers, automotive electronics, instrumentation, detection and control systems, aviation and other fields, online orders, convenient and convenient, suitable for management, can track the progress of orders throughout the process At any time, we will control the development time. Welcome new and old customers to call to discuss cooperation.

 Shenzhen Pengzexiang Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise products

Double panel product

Multilayer board products

Aluminum substrate products

Power board products


you can contact pcb@sunsoartech.com directly.

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