Altium Designer-3D PCB Design-Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Jan 06, 2017-

Altium Designer-3D PCB Design-Custom Design

Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

3D PCB design

Printed circuit board design module of Altium designer allows:

  • xSignal Wizard: allows the designer to cluster multiple nets into a single signal

  • Support for Flex and Rigid-Flex Design

  • Custom Coverlay Support

  • Live Drill Drawing

  • Add Hole Tolerance

  • PDF 3D Export

  • Dynamic Display of Clearance Boundaries During Routing

  • Enhanced Layer Stack Management

  • Support for Embedded Components

  • Differential Pair Routing Improvements

  • Via Stitching within a User-Defined Area

  • Ibis Model Implementation Editor

  • Pin-Package Delay Support

  • Import wizard to import from Orcad Mentor and other software in to Altium

  • Component footprint library management

  • Smart Component placement

  • Manual trace routing, with support for differential pairs, multi-trace routing, pin-swapping and gate-swapping

  • Automatic trace routing

  • Automated multi-channel layout and routing

  • 3D STEP Model Generation in IPC Wizard

  • Interactive 3D editing of the board and MCAD export to STEP

  • Signal integrity analysis

  • Manufacturing files generation with support for Gerber and ODB++ formats

Professional Manufactur Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

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