Altium Designer-FPGA And Embedded Software Tools-custom Pcb Design

- Jan 06, 2017-

Altium Designer-FPGA And Embedded Software

Tools-custom Pcb Design

FPGA and embedded software tools

FPGA development tools integrated into Altium designer provide the following capabilities:

  • FPGA, PCB and Signal Integrity design synchronization

  • VHDL simulation and debugging

  • FPGA soft processor software development tools (compiler, debugger, profiler) for several embedded processors

Release/data management

Release and data management tools within Altium designer allow users to:

  • Version control each design, and compare differences textually and visually

  • Batch-process output generation and output formatting (i.e. Gerber files, Pick and Place, PDF schematic and PCB documentation etc.)

  • Create templates for documents and design rules

  • Use configuration management and track all design changes through ECO

  • Create and release design and assembly variants

  • Cloud publishing of design and manufacturing data

Professional Manufactur Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

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