Commonly Used Connectors-circuit Board Pcb

- Feb 15, 2017-

Commonly Used Connectors-circuit Board Pcb

Commonly used connectors

8P8C connector

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8P8C Connector crimped to cable

8P8C is short for "eight positions, eight conductors", and so an 8P8C modular connector (plug or jack) is a modular connector with eight positions, all containing conductors. The connector is probably most famous for its use in Ethernet and widely used on CAT5 cables.

The 8P8C modular plugs and jacks look very similar to the plugs and jacks used for FCC's registered jack RJ45 variants, although the specified RJ45 socket is not compatible with 8P8C modular plug connectors. It neither uses all eight conductors (but only two of them for wires plus two for connecting a programming resistor) nor does it fit into 8P8C because the true RJ45 is "keyed".

D-subminiature connectors

Main article: D-subminiature
A male DE-9 plug.

The D-subminiature electrical connector is commonly used for the RS-232 serial port on modems and IBM compatible computers. The D-subminiature connector is used in many different applications, for computers, telecommunications, and test and measurement instruments. A few examples are monitors (MGA, CGA, EGA), the Commodore 64, MSX, Apple II, Amiga, and Atari joysticks and mice, and game consoles such as Atari and Sega.

Another variants of D-subminiature are the Positronic D-subminiature connector which have PosiBand closed entry contact option, solid machined contacts, thermocouple contact options, crimp and PCB mount.;[7] and the Positronic Combo D-subminiature which have Large Surface Area (LSA) contact system that is for low contact resistance and saves energy, and sequential mating options.

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