Employee Departure Farewell Party

- Dec 05, 2019-

Employee departure farewell party

      You once told me that meeting is a song, and you and me are you. Encounter is a song. It is an unforgettable song that we wrote with our youth. Four years ago, you came into Peng Zexiang with a colorful dream; for four years, you laughed, you sweated, experienced hardships, and grew. Today, we are here to relive the past, because tomorrow you will sail again. Don't take the sadness of parting, because tomorrow is a new starting point, because we believe that when we meet again, we will still be a moving song.


           After four years of hard work, all of us see it. If you have paid, you will definitely gain something. Thanks for having you all the way, I wish you all the best in the future!


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