Glowing Balls That Can Be Color-changing Mobile Night Light

- Jun 17, 2016-

Glowing Balls That Can Be Color-changing 

Mobile Night Light

Boon company was set up from the beginning of a Green Frog, the Green Frog, with its movable shovel, storm swept over the European and American markets, won the Innovation Prize in 2005 in infants and young children, boon and established companies. Boon funky break drops to ensure the company designing and producing products that meet and exceed United States and world standards of safety and quality standards, all the products are free of BPA (Bisphenol a), PVC and phthalic acid salts. Many Hollywood stars: Brad Pitt,Brightny Spear became boon's loyal fans.

This small night lights don't go is there like a potted, if opened, will transform many colors, like this:

This is pretty cool, and planted a bed of colorful mushrooms, well, the mushroom does not poison, but in the eyes of a child can become very interesting.

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