Keyboard Technology-Types-Buckling-spring Keyboard-circuit Board Pcb

- Jan 09, 2017-

Keyboard Technology-Types-Buckling-spring

Keyboard-circuit Board Pcb


Buckling-spring keyboard

Illustration from the original buckling spring U.S. Patent 4,118,611, issued to IBM in 1978.

Many typists prefer buckling spring keyboards. The buckling spring mechanism (expired U.S. Patent 4,118,611) atop the switch is responsible for the tactile and aural response of the keyboard. This mechanism controls a small hammer that strikes a capacitive or membrane switch.

In 1993, two years after spawning Lexmark, IBM transferred its keyboard operations to the daughter company. New Model M keyboards continued to be manufactured for IBM by Lexmark until 1999, when Unicomp purchased the keyboard technology.

Today, new buckling-spring keyboards are manufactured by Unicomp. Unicomp also repairs old IBM and Lexmark keyboards.

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