MCPCB Introduce Circuit Board Design Online

- Jul 25, 2017-

MCPCB introduce circuit board design online

MCPCB introduce:

The structure of MCPCB aluminum substrate consists of the circuit layer (copper foil), thermal insulation layer and metal base.The circuit layer requires a large capacity of carrying capacity, so the thickness of copper foil should be used, and the thickness is generally 35 mu m ~ 280 mu m.


Thermal insulation layer is the core PCB aluminum plate technology, it is usually made up of special ceramics fill special polymers, the thermal resistance is small, viscoelastic can good, has the ability of thermal aging, able to withstand mechanical and thermal stress.

The thermal insulation layer of high-performance PCB aluminum substrate, such as IMS - H01, IMS - H02 and LED - 0601, is used to make it have excellent thermal conductivity and high strength electrical insulation performance.

Metal base is aluminum plate support components, requires high heat conductivity, generally is aluminum plate, also can use copper (copper plate can provide better thermal conductivity), suitable for drilling, punching and shearing and cutting and other conventional mechanical processing.

Process requirements: gold plating, tin spray, osp antioxidant, heavy gold, lead-free spray tin etc.MCPCB aluminum plate with metal matrix cooling plate (including MCPCB aluminum plate, MCPCB copper substrate, iron substrate MCPCB) is a unique metal base copper clad structure (see below), it has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and machining performance.

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