Mechanical And Aluminium Soldering-Custom Design Circuit Board Pcb​

- Feb 08, 2017-

Mechanical And Aluminium Soldering-Custom

Design Circuit Board Pcb

Mechanical and aluminium soldering

A number of solder materials, primarily zinc alloys, are used for soldering aluminium metal and alloys and to some lesser extent steel and zinc. This mechanical soldering is similar to a low temperature brazing operation, in that the mechanical characteristics of the joint are reasonably good and it can be used for structural repairs of those materials.

The American welding society defines brazing as using filler metals with melting points over 450 °C (842 °F) — or, by the traditional definition in the United States, above 800 °F (427 °C). Aluminium soldering alloys generally have melting temperatures around 730 °F (388 °C).[21] This soldering / brazing operation can use a propane torch heat source.

These materials are often advertised as "aluminium welding", but the process does not involve melting the base metal, and therefore is not properly a weld.

United States Military Standard or MIL-SPEC specification MIL-R-4208 defines one standard for these zinc-based brazing/soldering alloys. A number of products meet this specification.or very similar performance standards.

Resistance soldering is soldering in which the heat required to flow the solder is created by passing an electric current through the solder. When current is conducted through a resistive material a certain level of heat is generated. By regulating the amount of current conducted and the level of resistance encountered, the amount of heat produced can be predetermined and controlled.

Electrical resistance (usually described as a material's opposition to the flow of an electric current) is used to convert electric energy into thermal energy as an electric current (I) conducted through a material with resistance (R) releases power (P) equal to: P = I² R, where P is the power measured in watts, I is the current measured in amps and R is the resistance measured in ohms.

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