Multi-chip Module-Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Dec 30, 2016-

Multi-chip module-Custom Design Circuit

Board Electronic Pcb

Multi-chip module

A ceramic multi-chip module containing four POWER5 processor dies (center) and four 36 MB L3 cache dies (periphery).

multi-chip module (MCM) is generically an electronic assembly (such as a package with a number of conductor terminals or "pins") where multiple integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductor dies and/or other discrete components are integrated, usually onto a unifying substrate, so that in use it is treated as if it were a single component (as though a larger IC). Other terms, such as "hybrid" or "hybrid integrated circuit", also refer to MCMs.




2 Chip stack MCM


Examples of MCM technologies


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Multi-Chip Modules come in a variety of forms depending on the complexity and development philosophies of their designers. These can range from using pre-packaged ICs on a small printed circuit board (PCB) meant to mimic the package footprint of an existing chip package to fully custom chip packages integrating many chip dies on a High Density Interconnection (HDI) substrate.

Multi-Chip Module packaging is an important facet of modern electronic miniaturization and micro-electronic systems. MCMs are classified according to the technology used to create the HDI (High Density Interconnection) substrate.

  • MCM-L – laminated MCM. The substrate is a multi-layer laminated PCB (Printed circuit board).

  • MCM-D – deposited MCM. The modules are deposited on the base substrate using thin film technology.

  • MCM-C – ceramic substrate MCMs, such as LTCC.

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