PCB Board Precision

- Nov 30, 2018-

The PCB circuit board wires are refined and the through holes are miniaturized, which improves the requirements for the processing level and processing level of the Shenzhen circuit board processing factory. It is also the overall management capability and personal ability of the high-precision multi-layer PCB circuit board factory. test. 5/5mil line width / line spacing production capability, within the current equipment and materials, as well as process control level, is not too difficult, most PCB proofing manufacturers can make. But from 6/6mil to 5/5mil, it is a big leap, which makes many small and medium-sized manufacturers look down. Seemingly simple, in fact, this requires circuit board processing manufacturers to have strong technical research and development capabilities and financial strength. Subject to the performance parameters of the exposure machine, the processing capacity of the etched line, and the control of the entire process, to achieve 5/5mil line, and maintain a high yield, the factory's strong overall strength is needed to support. Similarly, the production of finished holes with a diameter of 0.3 mm or less is also true (holes below 0.3 mm cannot be drilled by machine, generally laser drilling).

The importance of PCB as an electronic carrier

PCB boards are the carrier of all electronic components and their reliability is very important. A small hair strand, a tiny dust, can cause the entire PCB to be scrapped or cause potential failures. So how is quality guaranteed? Usually everyone thinks that quality should be made, but it is not. If a PCB factory is designed from the beginning, including the factory layout, the determination of the process, the selection of production equipment, the manpower configuration, the effective evaluation of the raw materials, the determination of the management system, etc., from the perspective of effective quality control, In order to adjust and control common quality problems and prevent them, and fully consider improving production efficiency, the future quality control capability and production capacity of this factory will have a good foundation and guarantee.

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