PCBA Industry Solutions

- Sep 23, 2019-

PCBA Industry Solutions

 business background

China has become a major PCBA industry, but it is currently facing fierce market competition. The added value of products is relatively low in order to seek market share in the market, and continuously squeeze profits, coupled with the price-cutting competition of foundry manufacturers, resulting in the assembly industry. The gross profit margin has been pushed down to below 10%. Production has a trend of concentration. The world's leading major manufacturers, such as Compaq, IBM, Apple, Racked Bell, Ast, Escom, etc., when looking for outsourcing objects, focus on the technical level, product quality, and sufficient capacity of the manufacturers. Therefore, orders are mostly in the hands of large manufacturers, such as Acer, Volkswagen, Quanta, Asus, etc., and the concentration of industry has been increasing.

With the development of electronic products to light, thin, small, high-density and multi-functionality, the assembly density and integration of components on printed boards are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for production processing precision, stability and flexibility are higher. At the same time, it faces rising prices of raw materials, restrictions on environmental regulations, rising wages of employees and increasingly fierce global competition.

In order to win in the fierce competition, we only need to adopt more scientific and advanced solutions to production and management problems and grasp the market, such as:

 Reasonable production planning and scheduling and timely response to changes in production plans;

 Reduce lead time and control delivery time;

 Reduce batch scrap during the loading process;

 Prevent and prevent abnormal circulation of non-conforming products;

 Real-time control of order production progress and quality status;

 Instantly grasp the distribution of WIP, effectively control and reduce the inventory of WIP;

Improve equipment utilization and extend equipment life. Instantly understand the various production conditions of the production line, such as process parameters, quality conditions, and product parameters, in order to achieve timely warning and prevent further development of adverse events;

Reduce the scope and quantity of recalls and save on retroactive costs;

 Accurately calculate manufacturing and management costs, various types of IE data, and provide real and reliable support for process improvement;

 Measure the performance of the manufacturing site correctly;

 Management decisions based on information;


TODA-MES solution

̈ Work in Process (WIP)

̈ Provide various production quality reports; provide customer trust

Key parts traceability

̈ Anti-jumping station, wrong material, less material

̈ SMT loading error prevention Maintenance qualification, performance management, formation cause-phenomenon-method knowledge base Line stop control, heavy industry management, engineering change release process management

̈ SPC analysis, real-time collection of QC data

̈ Production equipment ledger, parameters, maintenance and monitoring. Automatic import of AOI, ICT, FCT test data

Provide the most realistic field data for IE improvement, such as process time between processes, process time, etc.


TODA MES advantage

l China's most cost-effective MES.

l Fast implementation, quick results

l After decades of research and development by dozens of senior factory management consultants and IT professionals.

l Distributed open system structure, flexible and on-demand configuration according to industry characteristics and personalized business processes.

l Plug-in integration with any product on the TODA product line.

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