Police Uncovered Illegal Disposal Of Waste Printed Circuit Boards

- Jun 17, 2016-

Police Uncovered Illegal Disposal Of Waste

 Printed Circuit Boards

Was informed that Danyang smashed together across Shanghai, Suzhou to Danyang to cases of illegal disposal of hazardous waste, the hazardous wastes had been mixed with the soil as burnt bricks. At the time of exposure to large amounts of dangerous waste in Danyang Zhu dock space. At present, the alleged offence of polluting the environment of Zhai Mou, Gao and other people detained by the police. The police official said, "this gang cases of environmental pollution" is most widely across the region, criminal suspects are involved in the history of Zhenjiang most harmful case of major environmental groups, but also the country's first case of illegal disposal of waste PCB pollution.

Danyang city, according to the Marine Department provides clues that the police, Zhu in Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal development zone Terminal, a cargo ship being unloaded unknown waste. Joint environmental protection departments rushed to the site survey, after the initial establishment, vessel for a cement freighter from Suzhou Wujiang shipments to Danyang, boat full of unknown waste was pale green, fibrous, about more than 300 tons.

Environmental protection agency immediately launched emergency response plans, organizations monitor, monitoring, solid waste task force to the scene to verify an initial sampling of unknown waste contained in the vessel. Confirmed by the initial monitoring, which unloaded goods containing copper circuit board powder, nickel and other heavy metals, which belongs to the hazardous waste. Di asked after owners, law enforcement officials learned that this batch of hazardous waste is to be transported to the Si tu Zhen a brickyard. The brick factory Director GAO says, the goods are mixed with burnt bricks in the soil.

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