Printed Circuit Board

- Jun 17, 2016-

Printed Circuit Board

PCB structural insulating material with conductive metal layer, and accompanied by conductor wiring body formed by elements (Mechanical Component). Circuit design, components of electrical connection circuit wiring wiring graphics are drawn, then through methods such as machining, surface treatment, make electrical conductors on insulators to reproduce the form of circuit boards. In other words, the substrate of the PCB is to assemble electronic components, a major role through the circuit board formed by the lines, to connect the electronic components together and make it function as a whole to achieve purposes of relaying key must-have electronic components, and is the mother of all electronic products.

China Taiwan PCB industry after in more than 30 years development, Yu global PCB industry in the has occupies place, but due to West into city of practices, makes China Taiwan PCB overseas production share yearly increased, currently share has over 40%, so makes territory production share yearly fell, to 2007 China Taiwan PCB output up 6.2 billion dollars around (not containing overseas output), global city accounted for rate for 14%, ranked global third name.

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