Printed Circuit Board Using Screen Printing Techniques

- Jun 17, 2016-

Printed Circuit Board Using Screen

Printing Techniques

Printed circuit board PCB enterprises in Shanghai received the Shanghai press and publication Bureau (2014), No. 905, expressed in the paper "used in the production of electronic printed circuit board process screen printing is a new technology, new process, a similar phenomenon exist within a certain scope in a production enterprise. In the process of production of electronic circuit board used for screen printing is the printing specifications of the regulations should be guide specification, included in the administrative areas of the printing industry. "Questioning the printed circuit board business to this file.

First of all, is mentioned in the document "a new technology, new process" questioned. As early as the 50 's of the last century in our country developed printed circuit boards using the screen printing process. To this day, has already been used in more than 70 years, in the printed circuit board industry, screen printing is by no means a "new technology, new process", but old technology, old technology. Also cannot be the reason to the printed circuit board industry and printing industry!

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