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- Feb 15, 2017-

Radio Frequency Connectors-Hybrid


Radio frequency connectors

Main article: RF connector
For more details on this topic, see Impedance matching and Signal reflection.
A male 50 ohm BNC connector

Connectors used at radio frequencies must not change the impedance of the transmission line of which they are part, otherwise signal reflection and losses will result. A radio-frequency connector must not allow external signals into the circuit, and must prevent leakage of energy out of the circuit. At lower radio frequencies simple connectors can be used with success, but as the radio frequency increases, transmission line effects become more important, with small impedance variations from connectors causing the signal to reflect from the connector, rather than to pass through. At UHF and above, silver-plating of connectors is common to reduce losses. Common types of RF connectors are used for television receivers, two-way radio, certain Wi-Fi devices with removable antennas, and industrial or scientific measuring instruments using radio frequencies.

DC connectors

Main article: DC connector
See also: Coaxial power connector

A DC connector is an electrical connector for supplying direct current (DC) power. For portable consumer electronic devices, the coaxial power connector is frequently used, but many other types of connectors also exist.

Hybrid connectors

Hybrid connectors have housings with inserts that allow the intermixing of many connector types, such as those mentioned above. These housings may also allow intermixing of electrical and non-electrical interfaces, examples of the latter being pneumatic line connectors, and optical fiber connectors. Because hybrid connectors are modular in nature, they tend to simplify assembly, repair, and future modifications. They also allow the creation of composite cable assemblies that can reduce equipment installation time by reducing the number of individual cable and connector assemblies.

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