Scheduled Night Lights How To Choose A Good Eye Care Products

- Jun 17, 2016-

Scheduled Night Lights How To Choose A

Good Eye Care Products

Parents are concerned for their children's physical health, especially on the vision problem, as factors that can influence the child's vision is now much more special, regular night lights parents afraid their children will have myopia, hyperopia, amblyopia, eye problems. For parents, the key to reading in children, the pressure of schoolwork, children choose the right study area and eye-lamps, so as to protect the effects of children's eyes are the most important things. Night light, then, to pick the children in a daily use when studying the lamp when we should start with what to choose, to ensure that this lamp is really child's vision?

On the choice of eye protection desk lamp, we need one of the following:

First is the appropriate illumination.

According to the Japan lighting Handbook of reference, illumination of desks face 300~750lx (Lux). High brightness of light causes the pupil control in time, directly into the eye, can damage the lens and the retina; too dark brightness of light causes the ciliary muscle has been in a State of high tension, constant stress can cause diseases of high myopia and intraocular pressure. If you select is energy-saving lamps, roughly between 11W~18W is the most suitable, night light clock night light depending on specific needs according to personal comfort.

Second is a uniform light distribution.

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