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- Nov 08, 2019-

SMT SMD We have 4 automatic SMT chip processing production lines and 2 professional plug-in assembly lines. The placement capacity reaches 8 million points per day, the plug-in can reach 500,000 points, and the existing staff is about 400. The management staff is in SMT. The industry has 5-8 years of experience, and the team responds quickly to equipment maintenance, minimizing capacity loss. We can mount PCBs from 20mm*20mm to 420mm*500mm in SMT process technology, with the smallest package component 0201. PANASERT multi-function high-speed placement machine, AOI optical detector, eight-zone reflow soldering, double wave soldering and other equipment support capacity realization and process quality. The whole process has passed ISO 9001:2015 professional system certification, and has been fully introduced into Kingdee ERP management system. Track and accurately manage the entire production management and material flow.
PCBA Foundry We provide PCBA processing services, starting with PCB board production, selecting PCB manufacturers, focusing on board quality and PCBA quality control system. Due to decades of experience in the procurement of electronic components, we have long-term cooperation with large-scale brands to ensure the original packaging and procurement channels of components. In the packaging process of components, the use of Senju and Loctite solder paste to ensure the reliability of welding, with automatic printing machine, Panasonic automatic high-speed placement machine, reflow soldering of the upper and lower eight temperature zones, AOI automatic optical detector, etc. Effectively guarantee the reliability and quality of the electronic packaging process
OEM processing in the field of electronic OEM OEM, we have long-term cooperation with large-scale brand components agents, to ensure the quality of incoming materials and sufficient supply, in the SMT patch and DIP plug-in links, the use of high-precision Panasonic high-speed machine and 10 temperature Area reflow soldering and wave soldering ensure the reliability and quality of soldering. Throughout the manufacturing process, we have a strict quality system to control and ensure that problems do not occur.
ODM Manufacturing As a company with decades of experience in electronic manufacturing services, after years of accumulation, we have been able to fulfill our customers' ODM tasks and provide one-stop ODM services. We have strong hardware and software development capabilities to enable R&D. The cycle is greatly shortened and the complete NPI import system, Juli R & D engineers can customize the exclusive products according to your requirements, to provide you with a complete ODM service.
Our company provides professional customized development services for customers:
1. Support Android products such as web players, tablets, and advertising machines based on the chips of Rockchip, Amlogic, Quanzhi, and the three companies. Expand on Android or Linux based systems.
2. Support different smart MCUs with different MCUs, such as smart wash basins, flawless DC fans, DC washing machines, intelligent LED lights, low-pressure air pumps and other household appliances, consumer products.
We will provide you with one-stop service for electronic products. If you need, you can contact directly.

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