Talking About The Production Process Of Circuit Board

- Nov 10, 2018-

n the electronics industry, almost all electrical appliances use circuit boards, which are the heart of all electrical appliances and are an integral part of the electronics. This article brings you 12 major steps in the production of circuit board processes:

1.PCb circuit board engineering data evaluation: customers order the customized circuit board, send it to the engineer for evaluation, and then optimize the customer to provide pcb circuit board engineering materials, provide technical support and support for the pcb production line.

2. Preparation of the material: Superchao Electronics adopts three major domestic plates: Guoji, Jianye, Shengyi (choose one, according to customer's requirements), all adopt mechanized precision cutting, good products start from the source .

3. Drilling: Using all imported precision high-speed drilling rigs, the production of large-format, 8-axis drills can be drilled at the same time, the efficiency and quality are guaranteed at the same time, and the auxiliary process ensures the empty wall roughness, which is convenient for post-process production.

4. Sinking copper: The factory uses automatic copper sinking to reduce man-made practices and improve quality stability. Professional operators monitor real-time monitoring of I concentration to ensure production.

5. Graphic transfer: the production of imported laminating machine and dry film, pin nail alignment, to ensure the line diameter line spacing.

6. Electroplating: chemical production, thick hole copper grade copper to ensure the optimal electrical performance of pcb board.

7. AOI optical inspection: quality inspection before candle engraving, guarantee one pass rate, use well-known imported equipment from abroad.

8. Convert from the customer's original file to the film negative, and prepare the package for the graphics transfer of the post-process.

9. Silk screen text: The automatic text screen printing machine ensures the clarity and three-dimensionality of the text and facilitates SMT welding.

10. Surface treatment: The general surface treatment of circuit board factory has lead spray tin, lead-free spray tin, immersion gold, OSP anti-oxidation, gold plating, immersion tin, immersion silver, nickel sinking, bare copper and varnishing board. Material.

11.CNC molding: Introducing high-precision computer numerical control CNC to ensure the tolerance of the PCB board's external dimensions, and improve the production efficiency (large amount of mold required to open the mold).

12. Circuit board final test: This is the end of the production line. All use high-speed flying probe test machine-specific test stand test machine, high-speed test machine is also equipped with most of the current pcb manufacturers, the price is expensive, the efficiency of nitrogen detection is unmatched by ordinary equipment.


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