Talking About The Pros And Cons Of PCBA External Processing

- Nov 08, 2019-

Talking about the Pros and Cons of PCBA External Processing

Some factories with strong order-taking ability will have too many orders in the peak season of this industry from September to December every year. If the factory is too busy, if the order is pushed, then the customer will be lost. This is not ours. I am willing to see, so often we will seek help from the outsiders at this time, give some orders to them and let them help us to complete the production.

Find the advantages of the outreach:

1. Retain the customer and deliver the product to the customer within the specified delivery period.

2. Reduce the cost of factory investment

3. Mitigating the short-term production pressure of the factory

Find the shortcomings of the association:

1, the production process can not be monitored, the quality is prone to problems

2, there may be a replacement component situation

3, delay delivery

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