TARGET 3001!-History-Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Jan 05, 2017-

TARGET 3001!-History-Custom Design Circuit

Board Electronic Pcb


Panasonic-TOYOTA (3rd in red) cable harnesses being designed by TARGET 3001!

A predecessor of TARGET 3001! was "RULE", a DOS-based program for PCB layout (1989). After hobbyists used this, there were calls for a schematic tool and autorouter. In response, TARGET 2.1 (for DOS) was released in 1992. The move to Windows was difficult: early versions of "TARGET V3 for Windows" were prone to crash. The package became stable and more accepted among hobby, educational and professional users.

Developments in versions V7 to V16 included an EMC tool and PSPICE-compatible simulation. The name TARGET was changed to TARGET 2001!, but, as year 2001 approached, "TARGET 3001!" was registered as a trademark.

TARGET 3001! is used also by industrial designers. For example, TOYOTA used it for cable harnesses in their Formula 1 racing car.

Today, TARGET 3001! is one of the most popular PCB layout systems in Germany and Europe. Readers of electronics magazine Elektor voted it number two.  Also testers of the electronics magazine "c't Hardware Hacks" rated it number two.

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