TARGET 3001!-Possibilities-Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Jan 05, 2017-

TARGET 3001!-Possibilities-Custom Design

Circuit Board Electronic Pcb


TARGET 3001! collects several features under one user interface (MDI). All project information is stored in one file to avoid redundancy and version conflicts. Design begins with the creation of a schematic diagram and usually ends with the layout of a PCB (or chip).

The schematics can be simulated by the integrated PSPICE compatible mixed mode simulator. Components are stored in a SQLite or MySQL database, also externally accessible. Component data include direct links to datasheets and component supplier information as well as simulation information and 3D models. TARGET's open Component Interchange Format CXF is supported by universal component databases like Ultra Librarian and Footprint Expert.

PCBs or ASICs can be designed manually or using an autoplacer and autorouter. A Specctra interface to external autorouters is available. The design can be automatically checked for spacing violations and many other design rules. If the PCB is ready designed it can be directly displayed and rotated in a live 3D view. The 3D data can be exported in STEP format to produce preview 3D dummies of the PCB on 3D printers. Circuit design on 3D bodies (Molded Interconnect Device, MID) is possible.

CNC data for PCB milling can be obtained in several formats. Additionally a device front panel can directly be derived from the PCB, using the coordinates on the PCB, e.g. from LEDs or potentiometers.

Professional Manufactur Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

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