Thick Film Technology-Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Feb 07, 2017-

Thick Film Technology-Custom Design Circuit

Board Electronic Pcb

Thick film technology

Thick film technology is used to produce electronic devices such as surface mount devices, hybrid integrated circuits and sensors.

Thick film circuits are widely used in the automotive industry, both in sensors, e.g. mixture of fuel/air, pressure sensors, engine and gearbox controls, sensor for releasing airbags, ignitors to airbags; common is that high reliability is required, often extended temperature range also along massive thermocycling of circuits without failure.

The manufacture of such devices is an additive process involving deposition of several successive layers of conductor, resistors and dielectric layers onto an electrically insulating substrate using a screen-printing process. A typical thick film process would consist of the following stages:



  • 1.1

    Lasering of substrates

  • 1.2

    Ink preparation

  • 1.3


  • 1.4


  • 1.5


  • 1.6

    Laser trimming of resistors

  • 1.7

    Mounting of capacitors semiconductors

  • 1.8

    Separation of elements

  • 1.9

    Integration of devices

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