USB Connectors-Power Connectors-circuit Board Pcb

- Feb 15, 2017-

USB Connectors-Power Connectors-circuit

Board Pcb

USB connectors

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A male USB series A plug

The Universal Serial Bus is a serial bus standard to interface devices, founded in 1996. It is currently widely used among PCs, Apple Macintosh and many other devices. There are several types of USB connectors, and some have been added as the specification has progressed. The most commonly used is the (male) series "A" plug on peripherals, when the cable is fixed to the peripheral. If there is no cable fixed to the peripheral, the peripheral always needs to have a USB "B" socket. In this case a USB "A" plug to a USB "B" plug cable would be needed. USB "A" sockets are always used on the host PC and the USB "B" sockets on the peripherals. It is a 4-pin connector, surrounded by a shield. There are several other connectors in use, the mini-A, mini- B and mini-AB plug and socket (added in the On-The-Go Supplement to the USB 2.0 Specification).

Power connectors

See also: AC power plugs and sockets, DC connector, NEMA connectors, and Industrial and multiphase power plugs and sockets
A panel-mounted IEC 60320 C14 male connector designed to accept AC line power

Power connectors must protect people from accidental contact with energized conductors. Power connectors often include a safety ground connection as well as the power conductors. In larger sizes, these connectors must also safely contain any arc produced when an energized circuit is disconnected or may require interlocking to prevent opening a live circuit.

Socket, is the general term, in British English, but there are numerous common alternatives for household connectors, including power pointplug socketwall socket, and wall plug.

Receptacle and outlet are common in American English, for household connectors, sometimes with qualifiers such as wall outletelectrical outlet and electrical receptacle.

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