Multilayer Electronic Printed PCB Boards

Multilayer Electronic Printed PCB Boards

The electronic boards realize the function to increase the area that can be wired, thus to ensure high and reliable performance.

Product Details

Product Description

The electronic boards realize the function to increase the area that can be wired, thus to ensure high and reliable performance. Compared with ordinary product on the market, our electronic boards use more single or double-sided wiring boards. The proper size and compact design makes it really easy for installation. It has longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining.


Product Feature

Due to the high and reliable performance, our  electronic boards has nearly zero water absorption and is most commonly used as an electrical insulator with a relatively high mechanical strength. It helps to maintain its high mechanical values and electrical insulation properties under both dry and wet conditions. As a perforated circuit board for custom circuits designed by users, it  is very suitable for common electronic components with through-holes and is compatible with commonly used Chip package. 


Product Datasheet

Product Namemultilayer electronic printed pcb boards manufacturer
Material TypeFR4
PCB Board Thickness1.6mm
PCB Board Layerdouble-sided
PCB Solder Mask Colorgreen
PCB Silkscreen Colorwhite
PCB Surface FinishENIG/Immersion Gold
Test Methodflying-probe/test rig/test fixture
Production Needed Filesgerber files
Minimum Line Space0.1mm
Minimum Line Width0.1mm

Production Ability


Contact Information

PCB Sales DirectorVicky Zhao

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