single sided led tube light PCB PCBA

single sided led tube light PCB PCBA

The Custom PCB can be an ideal facility widely used in various electrical and mechanical applications.

Product Details

single sided led tube light PCB PCBA


Product Feature

The Custom PCB can be an ideal facility widely used in various electrical and mechanical applications. On the other hand, our Custom PCB  also plays an important role in the field of intelligent electronic technology, such as aerospace, military equipment, communications, industrial control, security, medical equipment, automotive electronics, computers and peripherals and so on.


Product Description

The Custom PCB is equipped with advanced process, which has longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining. In addition, made from top quality material, it ensures  good strength-to-weight ratio. Due to the high and reliable performance, it has nearly zero water absorption and is most commonly used as an electrical insulator with a relatively high mechanical strength. It helpsto maintain its high mechanical values and electrical insulation properties under both dry and wet conditions. The proper size and compact design makes it really easy for installation.


Model Type

Customized PCB


1-20 layer

Key Words


Base Material

FR4, High-TG FR4

Board Thickness


Copper Thickness

0.5-5.0 OZ

Min. Hole Size


Min.Line Width


Min. Line Spacing


profiling punching

Routing,V-CUT, Beveling

Wrap and twist


Hole Tolerance:



Function testing and Circuit testing

PCB Standard

IPC-A-610 E Class II-III

MOQ Requirement


Solder mask



SGS, UL and Rohs

Place of Origin:

Shen zhen

Surface Finishing

HASL, OSP, Immersion Gold/Au, Immersion silver, etc.

PCB Warranty

1 year

Other service

Components purchasing



First Order

Repeat Order

Single side

3 days

7 days

6 days

Double side

4 days

8 days

7 days

4 Layer

7 days

9 days

8 days

6 Layer

8 days

10 days

9 days

8 Layer

10 days

12 days

10 days

10 Layer

12 days

14 days

12 days


3 days

8 days

7 days

FPC 1 layer

5 days

8 days

8 days

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